Home buying size: “Goldilocks zone” (not to big, not to small …but juuuust right.

When home buying, What do you think is the perfect home size, financial considerations aside? Some refer to this as the “goldilocks zone” (not to big, not to small …but juuuust right.

The perfect size seems to depend on a range of factors, including lifestyle, life stage and personal tastes.

Many buyers often compare finding the ideal size house to finding the ideal pair of jeans — there is no one size fits all but it has to feel right for you, while many buyers prefer smaller homes for their cozy feel and their small footprint for cleaning.

Come take a walking tour with me through this terrific Tiger Island Estate home for sale. It’s a sweet spot size with open floor plan and South facing for maximum sunshine!

Want to see it up close and personal? Call or text me today to arrange your showing.

Craig Ekonomos 941-704-9593


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