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Real Estate In Naples, Summertime!

As summer comes to a close and school is back in order ... please remember that summer can be

the very best time for a real estate buyer in Naples, Florida. Although notoriously there is more traffic during the seasonal months of January, February and March, many of which are lookers

and tire kickers ... Summertime is when some of the best deals are negotiated.

Sellers are more inclined to entertain offers in August and September – motivation increases as the property showings decrease. If a seller is on the market for sale through the summer, it means that they are motivated to sell and prefer to not list the property into another season.

The classic scenario repeated over and over is a seller who is optimistic during the winter and spring months, only to find their home did not sell thus creating terrific opportunities for the serious buyer in the off season months.

The savvy buyer who knows the value of a home or neighborhood is going to recognize the opportunity and make it happen. Most real estate buyers in Naples are familiar with the communities, neighborhoods and values having spent vacation time here, visited family or friends, own a home here already or have investment properties. No matter how familiar you are with our real estate market, you will have questions and most definitely want the latest and greatest updates.

Utilizing a Realtors® vast knowledge of new and existing communities, assessments, updates and areas, you can rest assured that you will be given the proper care when looking to purchase a new home or secondary home.

So, if that is your scenario, Call or text me today!

Craig Ekonomos 941-704-9593

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