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Who doesn't love to go to the new development down the street and take a look at their fresh new model homes! But if you are considering selling your current home and/or possibly purchasing a new home from a development, read on ... A common misconception when purchasing new construction is that you don’t need an agent.

• That friendly & helpful salesperson works for & represents the builder’s interest and the builder’s interest only. Shouldn’t you have independent representation?

• A buyer’s agent can give you objective professional advice during all phases of the process, such as contract, construction, walkthrough, and closing.

• A buyer’s agent is your exclusive advocate and will help you understand your contract and obligations including when to schedule construction inspections.

• While the sale representative will always give the appearance that sales prices are non-negotiable, experienced agents can use recent and historical sales data to aid in the negotiation.

• A buyer’s agent has knowledgereal estate of and can leverage contracts, law and the real estate community when things go awry with the builder. And they can and often do.

• A buyer’s agent costs you nothing as the builder has allocated a sales commission to be paid to a buyer’s agent.

Developer Agents are not legally bound to tell you about the price reductions. The Agent is only legally bound to make the sale that is in the best interest of the seller.

If a developer agent remarks in the MLS System that the builder will consider an offer $10,000 less than asking price, this information is not represented in the Sales Price that an online buyer will see. So, the only way to know about this is to have a MLS Member (®Realtor) as your Buyer Agent.

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