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Social. Outgoing. Optimistic. Loves to cook. Knows a guy who knows a guy.In just 2 short years at the helm of  Tin City,

Craig has been through a devastating hurricane Ian, a fire and a car through the entire section of a building.  

This was all in a compacted 3 month period!  30 tenants out of business, no fishing trips, restaurants closed and an entire building without power. Oh, an the Gordon River mud throughout. So what do you do?

Well in the case of property manager Craig Ekonomos, you roll up your sleeves, find a guy who knows some guys and get busy. With a century old building, well, navigation can be tricky. It's not modern. It has not really been updated  much,

but it’s an iconic part of Naples Florida history and it is now the best it’s ever been.  

Perseverance and an ever optimistic attitude, Craig was instrumental in keeping the wheels turning with all

aspects of the rebuild. Electricians, contractors, painters, remediation crews, plumbers …

you name it, they were there everyday … and every day it seems there was a new challenge from this glorious old structure!  

And on day 77 the doors reopened and every tenant who was down and out, returned, and was back up and ready for business. Craigs motto from day one was trust him. There was process which made for progress.

Progress equaled results and sure enough …

Tin City was reopened fresher than ever and remains an iconic destination for tourists and locals alike.

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