The Story of the "Stache"

So, the story goes like this ... It all started when my best friend of 23 years told me he had prostate cancer a couple years ago.

I was saddened by the news but knew he was a fighter and I wondered what I could do to give to the cause.  


And since November was around the corner, I remembered and looked into MOVEMBER. And it was perfect.

A fun, global way to make a difference even if it was small. It's the thought that counts.


So away I went.  And it was painful at first growing something that I had not had for 35 years back! But the peachfuzz became more profound and the desire to trim it was overwhelming. But I was told do not ever trim it! So I ventured on.

And it got longer and longer. And I messed up a few times and trimmed it and had to let it grow more! It seemed like it took forever.

Finally! It got to the point where it was taking shape. So I bought some wax. And then I started getting comments. And then my friends chimed in. At first it was a novelty but then everyone started to like it ... And then the Bachelor party came. It was a few days in the Bahamas. Good friends. And one that loved to make fun. I heard the theme from the Mario game countless times. Like every time I walked into the room! But Everywhere we went, waiters, bartenders, strangers all complimented me on the "Stache"! EVERYONE. EVERYWHERE. 

And then one event happened in front of everyone that ended with the Mario tune never being played again! HA! 

And so for the upcoming wedding, I made little mustaches on sticks as sort of a joke for the groomsmen. You know, a photo op with me having a real stache and they could use the cutouts! Well, How did that go over? It went over so well that the entire wedding party wanted photos with the stache and they were used as a prop at the reception! What a great honor!

True Story.

So then it just became something that was noticed wherever I went. Car wash attendants complimented, valets complimented, strangers in restaurants complimented, young, old, men, women all complimented me on it so it has stuck!

And then when I saw the Greek "stache" it was no brainer to use it in some marketing. 

Now being in Real Estate you have to maintain an image as a professional. And I do ... But I also have fun, and when your clients tell you to use it and have some fun, well, you listen. So this year ... I created a little "stache" campaign to have fun,

bring awareness to the month of Movember and prostate cancer, and bring a little uniqueness to me.

I hope you like it and remember it for a long time to come! OPA!



View the short video clip here: